City Magistrate Ashok Kumar Maurya’s anti-Hindu statements during the Peace Committee meeting in Farrukhabad (U.P.)!

‘Holi is a festival of intoxication and drugs’

Realise that no public administration authority ever dares to make such statements during festivals of other religions as they are aware of the consequences!

Pro-Hindu activists burning the statue of Farukhabad city magistrate Ashok Kumar Maurya

Farrukhabad (U.P.) – Speaking at a Peace Committee meeting, City magistrate Ashok Kumar Maurya said, “Holi is a festival in which people drink and get intoxicated. It is also a festival of drugs. The administration therefore has to be alert regarding any suspicious activity in the city. If you come across any information about sale of alcohol and drugs, then please inform the Police immediately.” The meeting was held to discuss the arrangements to be made in view of the festivals of Holi and Shab-e-baaraat.

Farukhabad City Magistrate Ashok Kumar Maurya

After hearing this statement of the City Magistrate, Dr. Deepak Dwivedi, a lawyer attending the meet expressed his objection and asked Maurya to apologize. Later members of the Hindu Jagran Manch protested against the City Magistrate and burnt his effigies in Chowk Bazar area.