In Bangladesh, religious fanatics attacked the temple of Goddess Kali and burnt the Idol

Insecure Hindus and their temples in Bangladesh ! Realise that the US and other countries that raise their voices about the alleged human rights of minorities in India are not talking about the plight of Hindus in Bangladesh. How many more atrocities will be committed on the Hindus before  the Indian Government takes steps to protect Hindus in Bangladesh ?

The above picture is not intended to hurt anyone’s religious feelings. This picture is published for information. – Editor

Dhaka (Bangladesh) – In Uttargaon in Rani Sankil sub-district of Bangladesh, the religious fanatics attacked the temple of Goddess Kalimata and set it on fire. The Idol of Goddess Kali was also burnt in the temple, said Zahid Iqbal, an officer of Ranisankil Police station.