Two religious fanatics arrested in Delhi for spitting on tandoori rotis

  • It won’t be surprising if someone demands that such religious fanatics be starved for several days as punishment.
  • Nowadays many such acts of ‘spitting on rotis’ have come to light. When such a video goes viral the person doing it is arrested. But what needs to be investigated is whether there is any widespread conspiracy behind this vile act. It is necessary that the investigative agencies seek to understand the intention behind this act and also make the public aware of it.

New Delhi – A few days ago,  a case of two cooks spitting on tandoori rotis while preparing them was exposed in Meerut and Ghaziabad of Uttar Pradesh. The religious fanatics who did so were also arrested. Yet, despite all the publicity that the incident received, such cases are being repeated.  Now, a similar case has surfaced in Delhi,. Police have arrested two religious fanatics in this case.

(Courtesy: India Today Social)

In the Chand Hotel in Delhi’s Khyala area, two-men were seen making rotis. One of them was seen spitting on the rotis before putting them in the tandoor. After this, the two, identified as Mohammad Ibrahim and Sabi Anwar were arrested. The hotel where the two were working, was also operating without a valid permit. The owner has been penalised for this too.