Vice-Chancellor of Allahabad University complains to DM against Azaan!

* Now that University Vice-Chancellor has complained, let us hope that the Police take some action, who otherwise turn deaf ears for ordinary people’s complaints.

* Hindu’s do not expect getting disturbed due to Azaan at lease in a BJP ruled state.

Vice Chancellor of Allahabad Central University Pvt. Sangeeta Srivastava

Prayagraj (U.P.) – Allahabad Central University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Sangita Srivastava has written to the District Collector Bhanuchandra Goswami complaining about the use of loudspeakers during Azaan from the nearby mosque. She said her ‘sleep is disturbed due to loud Azaan’ every morning. Prof. Srivastava has demanded an appropriate legal action. Srivastava has sent the copies of her letter to the Police Commissioner, Inspector General and the Director-General of Police. DIG Sarvashreshtha Tripathi has confirmed the receipt of her letter. He has ordered the concerned officers to investigate the matter and take appropriate legal action. DM Bhanuchandra Goswami has also assured to take a legal action. In a similar case, singer Sonu Nigam had objected to the use of loudspeaker for Azaan in the past through his social media account.

Prof. Srivastava’s letter states –

Click on the picture below to read the letter written by Srivastava –

  1. ‘Every morning at around 5.30a.m., my sleep is disturbed due to loud Azaan performed on the loudspeaker by the Maulvi in the nearby mosque. (According to the Supreme Court guidelines, it is illegal to use the loudspeakers before 6 a.m. Still, how Azaan is being played at 5.30 a.m. every day ? Have the local Police turned deaf or are they unable to understand ? Or are they neglecting it on purpose ? – Editor) The sleep so disturbed does not resume even after trying very hard. This also results in a headache, throughout the day, causing losses in work hours.’
  2. I am not against any religion, caste or creed, they may perform the Azaan without using the louspeaker so that others are not disturbed.
  3. Even before Eid, they announce Sehri on the loudspeaker at 4a.m. This practice also creates the disturbance to other people. The Constitution of India also puts forth the concept of secular and peaceful co-existence.