Complaint lodged with Central govt. and NCW against ‘prank videos’!

An initiative taken by ‘Youth Against Injustice Foundation’!

It is the administration’s job to act against such trends. It is shameful for administration that such things are brought forward by some or the other organisation every time they occur!

New Delhi – Sexual abuse of women in the guise of ‘prank videos’ are trending on YouTube and other social media. A volunteer organisation ‘Youth Against Injustice Foundation’ has taken initiative to act against such trends since such practices may lead to rise in crimes against women. The organisation brought the matter into light on 10th March after lodging complaint with Central govt. and National Commission for Women (NCW).

The organisation had tweeted such trending videos and had tagged Union Ministers Ravi Shankar Prasad, Prakash Javadekar and NCW president Rekha Sharma. The matter has attracted public attention ever since and brought up the topic of crime against women.

 (Reference : BIHARI SHAAN)

What is a ‘prank video’?

‘Prank video’ refers to the tricks intended to psychologically hurt, disturb or scare people as a part of scripted act. Usually the concerned victims are unaware of being a target of a prank. In this way, a video made under the pretext of ‘fun’ is known as ‘prank video’! Now, groping women, kissing them in public and lifting them are coming forward in the name of ‘prank’ videos. If a woman protests against such abuse, the assaulters shamelessly get away by claiming that it was a harmless prank!