Havan of cow dung cake with cow ghee can sanitise your house for 12 hours! – M.P. Minister of Culture and Spirituality, Usha Thakur

Hindus do not engage in such type of activities as Indians do not have education about Dharma, and science is given undue importance. If Hindus are given education about Dharma and they are made aware of the benefits of each and every act y explaining the underlying science, then they will perform these actions willingly. The State and Central government have to make efforts in this direction.

Indore (M.P.) – Minister of Culture and Spirituality of Madhya Pradesh Usha Thakur claimed that a house can remain sanitized or germ-free for 12 hours with just two sacrifices of cow-ghee on cow dung at sunrise and sunset. She also appealed to everyone to adopt a Vedic way of life to gain protection against Covid-19.