WHO map separates Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir from India

India writes to WHO for clarification : Possibility of China’s involvement

Government of India must aggressively ask WHO about its anti-India stance !

New Delhi – A colour-coded map of India released by the World Health Organisation (WHO) depicts the Union Territories of J&K and Ladakh as separate from India. This map, published on the WHO website, depicts India in deep blue colour while Jammu & Kashmir, Ladakh are in grey. The map was released by the WHO to show the global Covid19 pandemic numbers and casualties.

In its defence, the WHO has claimed that it follows the United Nation guidelines and practices regarding maps. (For publishing such erroneous maps, UN should be censured by India and get the maps rectified. – Editor)

Pankaj, an Indian settled in London, noticed this first. He said, “I know China gives huge amounts of funding to WHO. My feeling is that China is behind this as the influence of China on WHO is very high”.