China’s attempt to infiltrate the Sikkim border thwarted by Indian soldiers!

20 Chinese and 4 Indian soldiers injured!

Considering the continuous incursions by China, the Indian Army should take appropriate action and reclaim Aksai Chin and Ladakh! Indians have the faith that the Indian army`s morale is high, and they are more powerful than the Chinese army.

Gangtok (Sikkim)- In an incident reminiscent of the Galwan Valley clash in Ladakk, Indian and Chinese army soldiers were involved in a brawl last week at Naku La near the Sikkim border. 20 Chinese soldiers and 4 Indian soldiers were injured. This has been confirmed by the Indian army. As always Chinese troops attempted to intrude into Indian territory, the Chinese incursion was thwarted by the Indian army. The situation at Sikkim is said to be tense and for now, the dispute has been settled through discussion. (Can we solve the border dispute through discussions? Is China trustworthy? – Editor). There was a clash between both countries exactly a year ago on this day.

(Courtesy: India Today)

  1. Even though the situation was unfavorable in North Sikkim, Indian soldiers thwarted the Chinese troops and they have done it again. Indian army is keeping a close watch on the activities of the Chinese troops.
  2. On the other hand, Galwan Valley dispute is yet to be solved. 9 rounds of military talks have not yet produced any concrete results. After the Sikkim clash, it is expected that the situation in Ladakh might worsen.