Abu al-Qasim is shown as ‘Father of surgery’ instead of Sushruta in the school curriculum in Kerala

  • The education board of the Communist rulers of Kerala is disseminating the false history to glorify the religious fanatics. The Communists who are misleading the future generation by teaching them false history in the young age should be severely punished.
  • Attempt is being made to hide the supreme culture of Hindus and glorify religious fanatics is made by teaching such false history. This is a part of an international conspiracy.  
Includes Abu al-Qasima al-Zawahiri instead of Sushrutacharya, the father of medical surgery

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) –  A IX standard science textbook in the State of Kerala states that the ‘father of surgery’ was Abu al-Qasim’s Al-Zahwari instead of Sushruta. In Indian history, a famous physician named Sushruta existed in the 8th century AD. He is recognized worldwide as the ‘father of surgery’. However, Abu al-Qasim’s Al-Zahwari who is cited as the father of surgery lived in the 10th century. Thus it is a ploy to teach students a false history.


In Indian history, Sushruta has written 184 chapters in his book with information on 1,120 diseases, including 700 Ayurvedic plants, 64 preparations from mineral resources and 57 preparations based on animal sources. His writing also includes techniques of making incisions and other surgical procedures required for various ailments. Meanwhile, an Arab doctor, Abu al-Qasim’s Al-Zahwari has been identified as the father of the surgery.

The NCERT had recently reported in its textbook that the Mughal rulers had provided funds for the repair of the destroyed temples. However, when asked for the basis of this information, NCERT said it was not available. Cases of misinformation about Hindu culture and history by NCERT in curricula have come to the notice of the Parliamentary Committee on Education. It is being decided to reprint the textbooks of NCERT by taking appropriate action.