Fanatics kill Hindu youth for trying to stop cattle smuggling

Hindus do not expect such incidents to take place in Madhya Pradesh where BJP is in power, and cow slaughter is banned.

It is necessary that Hindus perform spiritual practice and increase their spiritual strength, along with being physically fit to combat the atrocities being perpetrated by religious fanatics.

Damoh (MP) – Two youth tried to stop a some people who were transporting cows illegally. The youth were attacked with sharp weapons, leading to the death of Ajay Muda, a teacher. This incident tocowok place on the night of 28th December. After receiving information about this incident, Hindu organisations began protesting. They warned that the protests will intensify if the Police do not act against the religious fanatics. The Police have filed a case against Riyaz, Shamim, Kayyum and others. Hindu activists began protesting to get justice, after the relatives of the deceased took away the body.