Fine of Rs. 19.73 Lakhs imposed on ‘Republic Bharat’ TV channel for referring Pakistanis as ‘terrorists’

British broadcasting regulator ‘Ofcom’ imposed the fine

  • Question arises, whether the Ofcom is turning a blind eye towards Pakistan sponsored terrorism or is it a puppet of Pakistan ?
  • A channel is imposed fine after taking note on a global level for calling 22 Cr Pakistani Muslims as terrorists; whereas, no word of protest is spoken at either international or national level for tagging Indian Hindus as terrorists every often ! Such circumstances emphasise the importance of Hindu unity !

New Delhi – British broadcasting regulator Ofcom has imposed a fine of 20,000 pounds (Rs. 19.73 lakhs) on Worldview Media Network Limited for referring Pakistanis as terrorists and thereby violating the broadcasting rules by using hate speech. Worldview Media Network Limited manages the Republic Bharat in Britain. Arnab Goswami is the editor-in-chief of Republic Bharat.

Ofcom has sought clarification from the channel regarding the issue and has instructed not to broadcast the program again. The alleged hate speech was aired by Republic Bharat in its ‘Puchhta hai Bharat’ episode broadcasted on 6th December. According to the information obtained from Ofcom, Arnab Goswami had compared India’s space and technological development with that of Pakistan’s, during a program on India’s ‘Chandrayaan 2’ mission. The program also mentioned the terrorist attacks administered by Pakistan against India. The opinions expressed by Arnab Goswami and the guests in this program spread hatred against Pakistanis. Pakistanis were repeatedly referred as terrorists, apes, halfwits, beggars and thieves in the program, added Ofcom. Ofcom also mentioned in its press note that Arnab Goswami had called Pakistani scientists, doctors, politicians, sports-persons and children as terrorists and that you are fighting against the terrorists.