Rohingya Terrorist group from Malaysia all set to attack India!

  • Popular Front of India suspected to be involved and helping this group
  • Ayodhya, Bodhgaya, Punjab and Srinagar potential targets
  • India is being targeted by the Jihadi groups as its has a Hindu majority population. India is now left with no choice but to declare itself as a Hindu Nation to end this persistent threat!
  • The Popular Front of India comes up with new anti-national activities on a daily basis. People wonder why it has not been banned by the Government!

New Delhi – The Indian Iintelligence community has received information that a terrorist group related to Rohingya Muslims is preparing to attack India. This group led by a woman may attack some Indian cities in next few weeks. These terrorists have been trained in Myanmar. Militant groups might infiltrate India through Bangladesh in mid or end of December. This militant group is active in Malaysia. It is suspected that some jihadis related to Popular Front of India are helping this terrorist group. Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Bengal Police and Intelligence agencies have been alerted. Sources claim that Ayodhya, Bodhgaya, Punjab and Srinagar are the likely targets.

  1. According to the Intelligence agencies, 2 lakh dollars (1 crore 47 lakh and 47 thousand rupees) are being spent to fund the terror operation. This deal has a connection with India. Also, Dr Zakir Naik (radical preacher who has influenced jihadi terrorists) currently in hiding in Malaysia, along with Mohammad Nasir, a Rohingya leader based out of capital city Kuala Lumpur are being linked to this.
  2. The identity of the woman leading the terror group is yet to be established. However, it is clear that the woman was sent to Myanmar from Malaysia to receive training.