Chinese exports surge by 21% amid Covid19 crisis!

Grossed a total of $268 Bn in November alone!

While it is widely believed that China has thrown the world into the Covid19 crisis, the growth in its trade only raises the suspicion!

Beijing – Amid the coronavirus crisis and tumultuous world economy, Chinese trade has registered a record surge with the exports of $268 Bn in November alone. This figure is 21.1% higher than registered exports of November 2019. It came as a surprise to many since the China managed to up its exports even when the US sanctions on Chinese firms are in place. America and China recorded a trade of $75.4 Bn.

  1. According to the figures declared, import of Chinese items in US has surged by 46%.
  2. Chinese exports had increased by 11.4% in October, while its imports also had surged by 5% with figures amounting to $192.6 Bn. Chinese imports had surged by 4.7% in the month of October. The figures clearly indicate China’s economic revival from the Covid19 crisis.