China to build a massive dam on Brahmaputra river

Likely to cause a famine in North-east India and Bangladesh

This is just a sort of aggression from China. India must strongly respond China to contain such incidents.

Beijing (China) – China is planning to build a huge dam on the river Brahmaputra which has its source in Tibet. This dam will generate the hydroelectricity three times more as compared to China’s Three Gorges Dam, which is currently the world’s largest dam. The prospective dam is feared to cause severe drought-like situation in the North-eastern India and Bangladesh. China has already constructed small-sized dams on the river Brahmaputra; however, the planned dam is a topic of concern due to its huge size.

Chairman of China’s Power Construction Corporation and a leader of the ruling Communist party, Yan Zhiyong said that the construction of the dam is a part of Five-Year Plan and will be implemented by 2025.

(Courtesy: South China Morning Post)

‘This will provide a great opportunity for Chinese businesses related to hydroelectric energy and will generate power in the excess of 300 Billion kWh. Chinese Government had aimed at producing clean power supply.