Broadcast on ‘Netflix’, another film ‘Ludo’ denigrates Hindu Deities

  • It would not be inappropriate for Hindus to think that their patience and tolerance is taken for granted when their religious sentiments are being hurt on daily basis.

  • Central Government is expected to deliver justice to Hindus by making strict laws against those who denigrate Hindu faiths, culture and traditions every now and then!

(The purpose of publishing this photo is not to hurt the religious feelings of the people but to inform the facts. – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

New Delhi – Apparently, the authorities of various media houses, directors and producers of films, web series are determined to hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus. A scene in web series ‘A Suitable Boy’ depicts a Muslim man kissing Hindu girl in temple premises, while another film ‘Ludo’ that is released on Netflix denigrated Hindu Deities by portraying them in the guise of mimickers.

  1. Film Ludo, directed by Anurag Basu, denigrates Hindu Deities in a similar way which Aamir Khan’s PK did a few years ago.
  2. One of the scenes in the film depicts three characters dancing and jumping on the streets in the guise of Deity Brahma, Shri Vishnu and Deity Shankar, at which the film’s hero Aditya Roy Kapoor looks in a demeaning way.
  3. Another scene depicts two characters dressed as Deity Shiv and Goddess Mahakali pushing a vehicle.
  4. One scene shows the actor and actress in bed and when her mother calls and enquires about location, she tells that she is in a temple.
  5. There are comical references to Ramleela and cow in the film.
  6. Another scene depicts director Anurag Basu and actor Rahul Bagga playing the game of ludo, when Basu tells Rahul, ‘Do you think that all who died of coronavirus were sinful people ?’ While referring to virtue and sin, Basu says, “After the battle of Mahabharat, when Pandavs enter heaven, they find Duryodhan already present there. Duryodhan was sinful according to the world”.

    Duryodhana was sinful according to the world’. The Kauravs are portrayed as heroes while the Pandavs as villains in the film, for which Anurag Basu is shown telling a false story based on his own interpretations.