Rs. 14.50 crore seized in Income Tax raid on ‘Believers Church’



Church Padri attempts to destroy evidence, while National media tries to suppress this news !

If there is some alleged corruption in the religious institutions or temples of Hindus, the Government takes them over. Will the Government take over this church or continue with its pseudo-secularism ?

If some priest in a temple would by mistake have destroyed evidence, the Police would have jailed him. But, there is no action against the culprit Padri here.
National media – TV news channels and national newspapers ignored this big news. If a Hindu temple had been raided by Income Tax authorities, the media would have howled, blamed Hindus and discredited them all over the world !

Thiruvalla (Kerala) – Income Tax raid on the Believers’ Church of KP Yohannan concluded on 9th November, during which IT officers seized Rs. 14.50 crores unaccounted cash, reported ‘Matrubhumi’ newspaper.

Its founder KP Yohannan, who had been managing ‘Gospel for Asia’ through which the Church was launched, had successfully evaded detention under the US Racketeers, Influenced and Corrupt Organisation Act (RICO), 1970. The Believers’ Church runs a medical college and several educational institutions in Kerala. It also owns an estate. The LDF Government had identified the estate as the location for the Sabarimala Airport.

Reports suggest the raids were initiated on the inputs regarding alleged tax evasion and Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) violations by the Thiruvalla-based Church.

In 2017, the Ministry of Home Affairs had barred the Believers’ Church and three other associated NGOs from accepting foreign funds. It was claimed that the Church and Yohannan have received Rs. 6,000 crore from abroad for charity under the Foreign Contributions (Regulation) Act (FCRA).

The money, though, has been misused to buy properties, including real estates, pointing to a huge financial scam and violation of the FCRA. It spent money illegally in construction.Preliminary investigation revealed a fraud of Rs. 300 crore in bank accounts of the Church.

A Padri tried to destroy an iPhone

On the first day of the raid, the IT officers confiscated the iPhone of Fr. Sijo Pandapallil (Spokesperson of the Church). The Padri snatched the iPhone and tried to destroy it.

A lady of the Church tried to destroy a pen drive with sensitive data A lady working in the Church tried to destroy a pen drive which contained sensitive information about corruption indulged in by the Church. She was trying to destroy crucial evidence, which the IT officers prevented.