India has taken up with Bangladesh authorities violence targeting Hindus : MEA

  • India should exert pressure on Bangladesh Government to protect every temple and Hindu. Hindus should feel that the Indian Government looks after them. Only then it will be realised that at least for Hindus India follows the principle of Sanskrut saying – ‘वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम् । meaning the entire world is my family.
  • In our country too, there are attacks on Hindu temples, processions of Hindus. Hindus feel that the Indian Government should take it seriously and make efforts to stop it.

New Delhi – India has taken up with Bangladeshi authorities the issue of violence targeting Hindu families in Bangladesh’s Comilla district and the matter is being probed by the authorities there, the Ministry of External Affairs said on 7th November.

Some radical Islamists vandalised and set on fire houses of several Hindu families in Bangladesh’s Comilla district earlier this week over rumours about an alleged Facebook post slandering Islam.

Asked about the incident at an online media briefing, Ministry of External Affairs Spokesperson Anurag Srivastava said India’s High Commission and posts in Bangladesh are in close contact with local authorities in Bangladesh over the incident.

“They have taken up this incident and we have been informed that the Bangladesh authorities have looked at this incident very seriously and the law enforcement authorities there are investigating the outbreak of violence,” he said. They also continue to remain vigilant to prevent any untoward disturbances, Srivastava added.