Hindu girl goes missing after allegedly insulting Islam and Prophet Muhammad

An incident of Sadarghat (Bangladesh)

There is no reason to doubt that the abduction was carried out by the religious fanatics only. In a Muslim-majority Bangladesh, Hindus have to face assaults, rapes on their women, attacks on temples for merely being a ‘Hindu’ !

Sadarghat (Bangladesh) – A student of Jagannath University, Tithi Sarkar, went missing during Navratri when she was on her way to Shri Durgadevi Puja Mandap. A missing case has been registered with the Police regarding this incident. There has been no trace of the girl even after 6 days.

Tithi was expelled from the University a few days ago after a show-cause notice was served on her. She was accused of allegedly insulting Islam and the Prophet on Facebook; however, local Hindu organisations have discarded these allegations. In addition to this, Tithi had also lodged a Police complaint with reference to her Facebook profile being hacked.