‘If non-Kashmiris settle in Kashmir, rapes will increase!’ – says Chaudhary    

Audacious statement by PDP leader Surinder Chaudhary

  • Has Chaudhary forgotten what happened after Hindus were threatened from mosques in 1989 ? So why does not he say who were the rapists of Hindu women ? Or has he undergone ideological circumcision ?
  • When a package of thousands of crores of rupees has been given to Kashmir so far from the taxes of the rest of the Indians, why did Chaudhary not have such thoughts while taking the money ?
Surinder Chaudhary 

Jammu (J&K) –  ‘If non-Kashmiri people settle in Jammu and Kashmir, rapes will increase here’, said People’s Democratic Party leader Surinder Chaudhary  in an interview to a news channel. With the abrogation of Article 370, non-Kashmiris can now buy land in Jammu and Kashmir, the Center has announced. Chaudhary made the above statement in this context.

Chaudhary said, “I am not saying that non-Kashmiris will commit crimes like rape after coming here and settling down; however, I am saying what Assam and Maharashtra have said. Outsiders should not come here otherwise they will snatch jobs here. You may have seen what happened in Faridabad ? A girl was shot dead there, and what happened in Hathras ? The rise in rape cases is being shown on all national channels”.