Idol of Shri Durgadevi vandalised in the Muslim-majority Mewat District of Haryana

  • Local Hindus alleged that the incident happened at the behest of Madarsa’s Maulavi
  • Hindus do not expect such incidents to take place in BJP ruled Haryana. Hindus hope that the BJP Government will protect the local Hindus and their temples in Mewat.

Mewat (Haryana) – The Idol of Shri Durgadevi was established (pranpratishthapana) in Mandi Khera, a village in Nagina region. However, the idol was vandalised by some unknown miscreants on 20th October during the period of Navaratri itself. Although the Police have registered a case in this regard, they have failed to make any arrest even after the 6 days of the incident.

According to local Hindus, a similar incident had taken place here in the year 2016. They also alleged that such incidents happen at the behest of the Maulavi of Madarsa, who  lives in the temple’s vicinity.