A Police Sub-inspector suspended for growing a beard without prior permission

These officers who do not follow the Government regulations, instead start following religious customs, will they protect Hindus?

Baghpat (U.P.) –  A Police Sub-inspector  Intsar Ali at Ramala Police Station had sported a beard without prior permission. The Police Superintendent suspended him. The Police administration instructed Intsar Ali to obtain prior permission before growing a beard. He did not heed to the instructions and grew a beard. Intsar Ali said, “I have been seeking permission for the last many years. However, I did not receive a reply from the administration”.

Police Superintendent Abhishek Singh said, “Only Sikhs can maintain a beard without prior permission. The department issued three warnings to Ali for growing a beard, after the receipt of several complaints against him. However, he did not remove the beard and the department issued a suspension order”.