E-commerce sites have ‘Jesus Soap’ on sale now!

  • Had Hindus indulged in selling soap in India in such a manner, they would have been charged under anti-superstition Act and arrested. ; whereas, this is not the case overseas and such soap bars are being sold there ! This is what the ‘progressiveness’ means!
  • Question arises whether it will be acceptable to the Vatican if some lecherous pastor of the church makes use of this soap and claims to be ‘free of sins’ ? Does the Pope sanction the use of such soap instead of the customary confession of sins in church ?

New Delhi – While the general purpose of a soap bar is to cleanse the body, The Christian community has manufactured the soap bars for sale that can cleanse one’s sins. Some e-commerce sites are selling this soap outside India with the label ‘Jesus Soap’. The soap has Jesus Christ’s image on it. The advertisements, while revealing the attributes, cites this soap as a ‘gift for sinful people’. Further, it also claims ‘You can commit any sins during the daytime, but you can use this soap to cleanse your sins in the night’.