Global Times of China’s empty threat to India ‘If India supported the separatists in China, China would extend assistance to dissident groups in India’

An empty threat to India by the Global Times, China

China is helping the rebel groups in India, and also, Pakistan is being assisted against India. Therefore, if India is assisting the separatists in China, it is a correct action. The Global Times in China is hiding their crimes and accusing India.  

Beijing (China) – ‘India supports the Chinese ‘One Nation’ policy and is opposed to the freedom of Taiwan. In return, China does not support Indian rebellions. The dissidents in both Taiwan and India are alike. If India decided to promote the ‘Taiwan’ separation, China would decide to assist separatists in India’, threatened  Global Times, a Chinese Government newspaper.

A senior research scholar of the ‘Academy of Regional and Global Governance’ in the ‘Beijing Foreign Studies University’ Mr. Long Changchun wrote in an article in the ‘Global Times’.

‘Several Indian media houses gave publicity to the ‘Taiwan National Day’ promos. One television channel aired an interview with the foreign minister of Taiwan, Joseph Wu. This strengthened the rebel elements in Taiwan. Now the discussions are being held that China will retaliate against the ‘Taiwan’ stance of India.

Indian Army stated that they are ready to take on China on two and a half fronts. India is closely watching the events in Pakistan and China.  It is also watching the internal conflict in China. The rebel groups and terrorists are involved in the internal conflict of China. If India supports Taiwan, China may support the rebel groups in Tripura, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Manipur, Assam, and Nagaland. These States joined India after independence. Nevertheless, many of these do not consider themselves as Indians. These dissident groups requested support from China against India. However, China values friendship with India and did not extend support. China respects the sovereignty of other nations’. (These are blatant lies by China. The terrorists in the northeast region, rebel movements, and Naxalites received arms and ammunition from China is a known fact. – Editor)