Salman arrested for threatening to behead PM Modi and CM Yogi Adityanath

The Police were absent in the event where this statement was made !

Religious fanatics trying to destroy the country ! There are hundreds of such ‘Salmans’ across India making anti-nation statements or are engaged in the anti-nation activities. What action the Government is going to take against such religious fanatics who are a threat to peace of society !

Baghpat (UP) – Baghpat Police arrested a young man Salman for his objectionable statement against PM Narendara Modi and U.P. CM Yogi Adityanath. He had spoken at Mahapanchayat of Rashtriya Lok Dal that, ‘if Modi and Adityanath are not beheaded, change my name’. A video of his speech shows audience applauding his statement. (The audience should also be arrested by registering an offence against them !- Editor)

After this video became viral Police arrested Salman. (This means Police had not taken any cognisance of the fact that Salman had made such speech in Mahapanchayat. Police is expected to take a note of what sort of public programmes are conducted within their jurisdiction. However, Police having no information on the matter has proven their inactivity. Appropriate action against those responsible Police should also be taken, and it should be checked if such negligence is carried out at other Police stations ! – Editor)