Villagers accuse the Police of stopping Pooja and throwing Idols of Deities in water at Sitamarhi (Bihar) !

Police refute villagers’ allegation of taking away Rs. 55,000 and jewellery amounting to 1 lakh !

  • Since BJP is also a part of the Bihar Government, such incidents are not expected !
  • Though Police have denied the allegation, considering the Police mentality, the Government should investigate the matter !
Villagers protesting

Sitamarhi (Bihar) – After the clashes between the Police and villagers, Police threw Idol of Durgadevi from the temple in water at Meghpur village of Sitamarhi district in Bihar. Villagers have alleged that Police took away the Rs. 55,000 and jewellery amounting to 1 lakh received in the donation, however, the Police have denied the allegation.

  • A group of people had arranged Durga Puja in the temple. An Idol was also being sculpted there. After Police received the information about the Puja, they reached the spot and tried to stop the Puja and making of the Idol. This resulted in clashes between villagers and the Police when the villagers started pelting stones at the Police.
  • Villagers accused that, ‘Police were about to pick up the Idol forcefully. However we objected, after which, they collected small Idols of Shri Durga, Shri Ganesh, Shri Saraswati, Shri Lakshmi etc. and threw them in water 1 km away. The Police were under the influence of alcohol.
  • Police said that they had to fire in the air to disperse the villagers to prevent them pelt stones at the Police. 12 people including some villagers and Police are injured. Villagers have claimed that a child named Raghvendra Chaudhari is injured in bullet firing by the Police. Police have said that the bullet was fired by the villagers only injuring the child.
  • After this incident, villagers protested by blocking the road. They have demanded to take action against the responsible Police. The BJP district President Suresh Kumar Mishra has asked for an investigation in the case.