Life Imprisonment for 4 persons accused in a rape case in Alwar (Rajasthan)

Negligence by police in conducting the preliminary investigation !

  • People will feel that such persons should be hanged in public ! 
  • The negligent police personnel should be put behind bars! 
Image Courtesy – News Nation

Alwar (Rajasthan) – On 26th April, 2019, a married woman was raped before her husband in Thanagazi district of Alwar (Rajasthan). All the four accused in the demonic act have been sentenced to life imprisonment, and a minor boy was sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment. The names of the accused were: Chote Lal (22 years), Hans Lal Gurjar (22 years), Ashok Kumar Gurjar (20 years), Indraj Singh Gurjar (22 years). (Seeing the age of the accused, a question arises in a responsible citizen’s mind – “At what level this generation has reached ! The administration is responsible for the deteriorating moral values in today’s youth! – Editor).

The accused had made a video and uploaded on social media. Afterwards, when public agitation started against the inhuman act, the process of framing charges against the accused began. The police personnel who were negligent in the case were suspended from duty. When the victim went to file a complaint against the accused, the concerned police officer refused to write a complaint. The police officers were transferred. (The transferring of such police personnel leads one to conclude that, the police officer is given licence to do such acts in the other place also ! Such negligent officers also should be strictly dealt with! – Editor). 

The woman was going on a two-wheeler along with her husband. The accused stopped them and started quarrelling, and attempted to rape the woman. When the woman was reluctant, then the accused started beating her husband. In order to save her husband, the woman surrendered, and the accused gang-raped her.