‘Bombs were produced to kill Indira and Rajiv; but why a bomb is not made to kill Narendra Modi ?’ – Says Uikey

  • Ex-MLA of Gondwana Gantantra Party (GGP) in M.P. makes shocking statement
  • Why a person making such statement is still on the loose ? Is Police awaiting for a complaint to be filed ? Taking no action against such person in ruling BJP Government is beyond expectations of Hindus !
  • Why other political parties do not object this statement and demand for action ? Or they too are of the same opinion ?

Seoni (M.P.) – ‘A bullet killed Indira Gandhi, a bomb was produced to kill Rajiv Gandhi; but there is no bomb to eliminate Narendra Modi, why Narendra Modi is not killed by a bomb ?’  said Ramgulam Uikey, former MLA of Gondwana Gantantra Party from Ghansor Vidhansabha Constituency while addressing a mob. A video of his this statement went viral on media. It is being said that he made this statement 3 days before. None of the BJP leaders have reacted against this statement.