The CBI did not investigate the possibility of Pakistan’s involvement in the Babri demolition case ! – Special court of CBI

This shows how investigative agencies like the Central Bureau of Investigation conduct investigations ! Will they ever catch real criminals ? And will they ever be punished ?

Lucknow (U.P.) – Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) did not investigate, despite getting intelligence reports that people were sent to demolish the Babri structure by Pakistan’s spy agency ISI to build a religious tensions in India, at the birthplace of Shri Rama in Ayodhya, said a special court in its decision of the Babri structure demolition case. The special court also said that the local intelligence department had reported that on 2nd December 1992, members of the Muslim community broke the ‘tomb’ to disrupt Kar Seva and widen religious division. Riots erupted across the country as a result of the demolition of the Babri structure on 6th December 1962, in which two thousand people lost their lives.

1. Special Judge S Yadav, in his judgment of 2,300 pages, stated that the CBI charge sheet against 32 acquitted accused was null and void ; because they did not investigate the report released by the local intelligence department on 5th December 1992, which said that on 6th December, some members of the Pakistani spy agency ISI, along with the locals, could damage the disputed structure. This investigation is unthinkable as the CBI did not investigate this fact at all.

2. The special court cited a report of the local intelligence department signed by Uttar Pradesh Inspector General of Police (Security), pointing out that some member states of Pakistan’s espionage agency ISI and local people were targeted for religious rioting in the country. Together they could damage the disputed structure by explosives or other means.

3. It was reported that explosives were transported from Pakistan to Ayodhya via Delhi. At the same time, an intelligence report said that about 100 traitors and anti-social activists from the Udhampur area of ​​Jammu and Kashmir have reached Ayodhya wearing clothing like kar sevaks.

4. The court said that this report went to the concerned departments and action was also taken on it. The report was sent in writing to the Chief Secretary (Home) of Uttar Pradesh and other security agencies. The court also ruled that even after such important information was available, it was not investigated from this perspective.