Over 82% of rapists are fathers or brothers of victim: Claims PTI MP

  • Lustful religious fanatics commit rapes even on the girls in the family. This goes to show their demonic mentality. Despite Pakistan being an Islamic state, no stringent punishment is awarded as per Sharia laws to such culprits. This goes to show their bigotry in the name of religion.
  • The Investigation Agencies, women’s organisations and human rights organisation should be on look out whether such incidents also occur in India.  

Islamabad (Pakistan) – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) MP Shandana Gulzar has urged the Government to address the root causes of rapes, saying at least 82 % of rape perpetrators are family members, such as that include fathers, brothers, grandfathers, and uncles, of the rape survivors.

  1. Speaking on a TV show, MNA Gulzar quoted figures by the rights group War on Rape (WAR) said the most family members are involved in the rapes of the girls.  According to the lawmaker, the girls who get pregnant after being sexually assaulted by their family members do not approach the Police, but rather go to the gynecologists for abortion. The mothers of these girls do not go to the Police as they say that they cannot leave their husbands, she added.
  2. She called it one of the worst facets of society and added that no one is willing to talk about it even though she has been advocating this cause for three years. She said if the Government was willing to address these causes of rapes, then the society will evolve and resist the male-dominated culture that perpetuates crimes against women.