‘There is nothing wrong in using Hindu religious scriptures as ‘toilet paper’ !

Offensive response from Delhi Police in court

Refusal to take action against accused Sushmita Singh

  • Hindus do not expect such response from Delhi Police when they are direct touch with the Central BJP Government in the Capital of the country. Hindus feel that the Centre should take action against the Delhi Police for such irresponsible response !
  • Where the religious fanatics who take the law into their own hands on the rumour of tearing the pages of the Quran and on the other hand Hindus insult their own religious texts !

The above picture is not intended to hurt anyone’s religious feelings. This picture is published for information. – Editor

New Delhi – Journalist Sushmita Singh made a video of a Hindu religious scripture asking people to clean toilets during the festival. Rajkumar Gupta, a member of the Hindu IT cell, lodged a complaint against Sushmita Singh at Govindpuri police station in Delhi ; but the Police did not file any complaint against Sushmita Singh. The police officer said, “There is nothing wrong in using a religious scripture as toilet paper.”

The incident was reported in Saket District Court, Dehli. In this, the police said, no complaint has been filed against the female journalist for insulting the Hindu deities. ‘We did not find anything inappropriate in this video’.

On the other hand, the Uttar Pradesh police arrested a woman named Heer Khan for making such a video and insulting Hindu deities. (If BJP can take such action in Uttar Pradesh, then why not in Delhi ? Are laws different in Delhi? – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)