A Christian organisation accuses an Archbishop in Bangalore

  • Christian priests are involved in sexual exploitation cases as well as in various scams; however, no one questions them ! Also note that no films vilify them at all !
  • Also, realise that though the Bishop has been criticised by a Christian organisation itself, secularists are silent !

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – ‘Karnataka Catholic Christian Association’ (AKCCA) has accused Bangalore Archbishop Peter Machado of being involved in croes of Rs. scam. Machado was appointed by Pope Francis. He had opposed CAA.

  1. AKCCA has demanded an investigation of this scam by the Enforcement Directorate. AKCCA has accused Asha Charitable Trust, headed by Machado of Rs.22,47,96,00,000 crores  financial scam.
  2. Machado said about the charges that, ‘I am open to any probe as I have nothing to hide. The attempt is being made to make a mountain out of a molehill. He claimed to have taken action against an official after discovering a scam. The mater is being investigated by the Bengaluru Police.
  3. Earlier to this in 2018, Karnataka High Court had incriminated Machado and K.A. William, Bishop of Mysore of financial scam amounting to Rs. 49,50,00,000 . This amount was raised through the donation to the victims of the flood. (This is the real face of Christian priests ! No secularist opens his mouth to question this matter. If a Hindu priest would have been found to be involved, the entire Hindu religion would have been accused tirelessly ! Editor)