Solve the problem of waste at Ambala Airport ! – Indian Air Force tells Haryana Govt

Safety concerns of Rafale planes due to garbage dumping                        

Why does the Government have to be told ‘solve the problem of waste’ ? Why doesn’t the Government itself implement it ?

Ambala (Haryana) – Air Marshal Manvendra Singh, Director General of Air Inspection and Flight Safety, requested the Haryana Government to take steps to address the problem of garbage dumping in the premises of Ambala’s airport, reported The Indian Express.

Due to the garbage that accumulates in the premises of this airport, a large number of birds gather there. If a bird ever hits the plane, it can cause great harm. It has also been written in this paper that for the solution of this problem, an alternative Solid Waste Management scheme should be implemented immediately, which may reduce the movement of birds in this compound.