The month of September will be celebrated as ‘Nutrition Month’ ! – Prime Minister

New Delhi – Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that the month of September will be celebrated as ‘Nutrition Month’ across the country; he announced this in the monthly program ‘Mann Ki Baat’, on 30th August. This was the 68th edition of this program.

The Prime Minister further said that nutrition doesn’t only mean what we eat, how much we eat and how often we eat. Its real meaning is to see how much essential nutritious food our body is getting. There is a saying in us, ‘Yatha Annam Tatha Mannam’, means ‘our mental and intellectual development takes place as per our food’, therefore, a nutritious diet is of great importance.

Prime Minister Modi talked about the creation of ‘Bharatiya Krishi Kosh’. In this, complete information about which grains are produced in each district of the country, will be provided. In addition, in his speech, he expressed that toys made for children should be indigenous made, that in the future our country can become a toy making centre’.