China sells Chinese products with the label ‘Made in PRC’ in India

The Central Government should investigate what is actually happening, take quick action against companies supplying such products and warn the people too !

New Delhi – After the clash between Chinese and Indian soldiers in Ladakh, Chinese products are being boycotted by Indians. On this background, it seems that China has started implementing a new strategy to deceive the Indians.

A trading company claiming itself to be an Indian company is deceiving Indians. Earlier the goods imported from China used to come under the ‘Made in China’ label. However, now such goods come under the ‘Made in PRC’ label. PRC stands for ‘People’s Republic of China’. Indian customers do not realise that these are Chinese products.

A customer has asked for explanation through his tweet on this company’s Twitter account. In reply, the company has claimed that their products are 100% Indian. They provide jobs only to Indians, and that they do not transfer money to China like the other companies.