70% of tobacco-affected patients in the world are in India

A University in the UK suggests a ban on the production and distribution of tobacco and tobacco products.

All the Governments until now should be ashamed of this status. Will the Government impose  ban on tobacco, cigarettes, and alcohol consumption at least now ?

London ( The UK) – A research conducted by the ‘York University’ in the UK revealed that 70% of the tobacco-affected patients all over the world are in India. ‘BMC Medicine’ magazine published the research paper. The research recommends banning the production and distribution of tobacco and tobacco products. The report mentions that the prevention of spitting at public places will reduce the chewing of tobacco and prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The research states further, ‘The deaths due to the consumption of tobacco rose three times in the last seven years. Nearly 3,50,000 persons died due to tobacco-chewing. This research does not cover the deaths due to cigarette smoking and the other means of tobacco consumption.

Pakistan 7% and Bangladesh 5% of  patients of tobacco use

Kamaran Siddiqi of the ‘York University’ said, ‘the maximum patients in South East Asia due to the tobacco consumption are in India. Pakistan has 7% and Bangladesh has 5% of the patients. Social life in the world has been disturbed due to coronavirus. The chewing of tobacco produces more saliva and spitting. The spitting may increase the spread of the coronavirus.’