Devout Hindus firmly resolve to become active for stopping harm to Dharma

Will unite devout Hindus to stop the denigration of the Nation & Dharma taking place through social media, Net web series, films, advertisements, etc.

Twenty-six people agreed to lodge complaints with the respective Police stations to stop the denigration taking place through Net web series, while eight people will lodge complaints against unauthorised loudspeakers put up on mosques.

  • It was decided to submit representations to the Central and State Governments, local people’s representatives and administrative officers in this regard.
    The Congress Government in Chhattisgarh is preparing to build a ‘Haj House’. A representation against this will be submitted to the Prime Minister and Home Minister on behalf of the devout Hindu organisations in Raipur (Chhattisgarh).
  • It was decided to lodge complaints with the local Police stations under Sections 153A and 298 of the Right to Information Act (RTI) for the purpose of exposing malpractices in temples.
  • One of the speakers from North Maharashtra who participated in the group discussion, decided to conduct a public awareness campaign in 20 Talukas about the anti-Hindu conspiracy called ‘Halal Certification’.
  • The participants said that they will be enlightening traders about not selling Halal certified items as well as ‘China-Made’ products and putting up sign boards in their establishments.
  • In Karnataka, Hindu Yajna culture has been denigrated in the textbook of Standard 6. It was decided to meet the Minister of Education of Karnataka against this and take action to prevent the denigration.

Inspired by the Convention, a unique decision was taken by the devout Hindus to become active in service unto Dharma in the most legitimate way possible even during the crisis of coronavirus.

It has been decided to unite devout Hindus to stop denigration of the Nation & Dharma through social media, Net web series, films, etc. !