Son and daughter-in-law thrash the mother refusing to adopt the Christian religion

The Government of Yogi Adityanath must imprison these offenders.

Hindus are deprived of education on Dharma. This is the root cause of deserting own Dharma. The only cure is to education on Dharma and instil pride in them. 

Moradabad (U.P.) – In the town Pakbada, the son, and daughter-in-law beat the mother who resisted conversion to Christianity. The mother complained to the Police. The Police arrested the son Ajit, daughter-in-law Pushpa, and one more person.

Lilawati (68) residing at Pakbada was widowed 16 years ago. She is a labourer. She complained, “One Krupal Singh, a Christian has converted her son and daughter-in-law to Christianity. Before 4 days, Krupal Singh visited our home and insisted my son and daughter-in-law convert me too. Since then, these 2 are bringing pressure on me to convert. When I refused to comply, they stopped giving me food and robbed Rs. 12,000 belonging to me. They also lured me for conversion. On 30 July, they abused and beat me”.