Actress Deepika Padukone received INR 5 crores from a Pakistani agent to attend an anti-CAA protest in JNU !

RAW ex-officer N.K. Sood’s accusation

  • Pakistani agent Musarrat was prepared to finance the movies which would insult Hindu Deities !
  • Hindus feel that this allegation should be investigated thoroughly and the revealed truth should be made public !

New Delhi – Deepika Padukone (Bollywood Actress) had visited the students protesting against the violence in JNU campus in January 2020 in New Delhi. She received INR 5 crore from a Pakistani agent Aneel Mussarat for this visit. N.K. Sood , an ex-officer of intelligence agency RAW  alleged that, Mussarat had asked her to visit JNU on a phone call from Dubai. Deepika was also supported by a Pakistani Army’s spokesperson. Mr. Sood informed through a video that the matter is being investigated by Enforcement Directorate.

Mr. Sood has claimed that –

  1. Mussarat is close to Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan. He had supported the Khan’s party. Mussarat also has relations with the Pakistans’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).
  2. He is in contact with the Bollywood actors Karan Johar, Anil Kapoor etc. He attended the marriage of Anil Kapoor’s daughter actress Sonam Kapoor.
  3. Mussarat is prepared to finance movies, which would insult Hindu Deities.
  4. Mussarat always supports anti-India activities. He had provided funding to the anti-CAA protest in London. He was inquired by British Administration with the allegation of providing funding to terrorists.