As per Sharia law, building a temple in Islamic region is ‘Haram’ ! – Spews Hindu-hatred propagator Zakir Naik

  • Accepting funding from non-Muslims for Hajj pilgrimage is considered as ‘Haram’ (prohibited), how come Zakir Naik did not realise this ‘Haram’ for decades while accepting the monetary contribution for Hajj pilgrimage from Hindus in India. Realise, how the religious fanatics conveniently make use of acts in Sharia for getting the benefits !
  • Why now so-called progressives, religious fanatics, Hindu hater media, Bollywood gang advocating Pak as well as Owaisi and Shashi Tharoor do not yell that ‘Zakir Naik is discriminating based on religion and is creating disharmony in the society?’
  • Hindu Dharma preaches the expansive preaching, ‘‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam’’ (the whole world is my family) while other religions preach to hate other religions !

Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) – Pakistan Government is committing a sin by funding for the construction of the Shri Krushna Temple in Pakistan. According to Sharia law, constructing a temple in Islamic region is ‘Haram’, said Zakir Naik, a Hindu-hater and a source of inspiration for terrorists, on a TV channel.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan had declared donation of 10 crore Pakistani Rupees (INR 4.47 crore) for the construction of Shri Kurshna Temple in Pakistan’s capital Islamabad. Zakir Naik made the above statement in a reply to a question, ‘can a temple be constructed in Islamic region with the funding from Muslim tax payers ?’

He further added –

  • There are several fatwas (orders) that a Muslim cannot donate or support for a place of worship of non- Muslims.
  • Still if a new Hindu temple or a Church is constructed in an Islamic region then we have the full rights to demolish it.
  • According to Islam the previously constructed Temple or Church can be at the most preserved but a new non-Muslim worship place cannot be constructed at all.
  • Non-Muslims should sign an agreement called ‘Dhimmi’ if he wishes to live in Islamic region, through which he can be provided protection.