An ancient Buddha statue in Pakistan vandalised at the instigation of Maulana

  • Islam does not believe in idolatry. During the last 1,400 years, wherever Islam spread, thousands of statues and idols were destroyed. History still repeats but the secularists and so-called progressives remain silent.
  • Why are those proclaiming ‘Buddhists and Muslim Bhai Bhai’ quiet?

Islamabad (Pakistan) – An Idol of Buddha, carved in stone and found in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa area of Pakistan was damaged by the religious fanatics. The Idol was found in Mardan District here. Local Maulana ordered workers to destroy it. The video, showing workers damaging the statue, has gone viral. Police arrested four persons. The workers discovered this statue when the construction of a house was going on. Buddhism was very strong in this region in the period 200 BCE. This statue belongs to that era.