Female Constable transferred for stopping Health Minister’s son and his friends during curfew in Surat (Gujarat)

  • ‘I can make you stand at the same place for 365 days,’ Minister’s son threatened the female Constable. 

  • The Minister’s son and his friends were arrested and later released on bail. 

Even the family members of those in power take advantage of their position ! It is necessary to harshly punish such people by prosecution in the Fast Track Court !

Surat (Gujarat) – A female Constable took action against Health Minister’s son and his friends for violating lockdown rules and arguing with Police Officials, when stopped. She has been transferred due to this incident. The BJP Government of Gujarat was severely criticised after the video clip of this incident went viral on social media; therefore, orders have been given to investigate the matter.

1. Despite the lockdown, friends of Health Minister Kumar Karnani’s son Prakash, were wandering in the city. Female Constable Sunita Yadav stopped them. The friends then called Prakash at the spot.

2. When Prakash reached there in a four – wheeler, he argued with Sunita Yadav. He threatened Sunita, ‘I can make you stand here for one year.’ To which Sunita replied clearly, ‘I am not your slave.’

3. After this controversy surfaced, Sunita Yadav was transferred to Police Headquarters. Prakash and his friends were arrested but were later released on bail.

4. Sunita Yadav is on leave after the incident and has not given any further comments.