8 bodies of coronavirus patients buried in one trench in Bellari

Government should take strict action against such insensitive health workers.

Bellari (Karnataka) – A ‘video’ has gone viral showing eight bodies of coronavirus patients wrapped in plastic were buried in one big trench. District Administration was asked to set up an inquiry about the incident.

State opposition parties including Congress and J.D.(S) have condemned the incident. Congress leader D.K.Shivkumar said “It is disturbing to see bodies of Corona patients who  died being dumped inhumanly into a trench. This shows how the Government has handled this Corona crisis. I urge the BJP Government to look into the matter”.

Concerned Health worker suspended

State Health Minister B. Sriramulu said, “The workers concerned have been suspended”, adding that health workers should follow the protocol for disposal of bodies.

Inhuman and painful act – Chief Minister

Chief Minister B.S.Yediurappa said, “The handling of dead bodies of corona patients in such a way is inhuman and painful. There is no other religion beyond humanity and all health workers should be aware of this. Funerals of those affected by the virus should be handled with respect”.