Baba Ramdev responds to those taking objections to ‘Coronil’

Doctors prescribe costly Allopathic medicines to the patients without any trials

 Allopathic treatment experts must answer the observations of Baba Ramdev

Haridwar (Uttarakhand) – When we discovered a medicine for corona we started facing opposition. The allegations were that our medicines do not have the medical evidence. Several Allopathic medicines are prescribed to the patients. Do they have a test certificate of effectiveness in treatment ? Still, these medicines are used to treat patients. Why nobody protests against these practices ? One tablet sold for Rs. 500, one injection for Rs. 5,000, and they are claimed to cure Corona. Where is the proof ? No one has the information and nobody asks for it. However, we took trials on corona patients with mild symptoms and invented a cure. We tested this Ayurvedic medicine and released it for the public. However, people opposed this move, stated the founder of Patanjali Yogrushi Baba Ramdev. He addressed a press conference to clear all doubts and allegations. On 23rd June, Baba Ramdev had claimed a cure for Corona and released a new Ayurvedic medicine ‘Coronil.’ Central Ayush Ministry objected to it, besides, the Congress-ruled states Maharashtra and Rajasthan imposed a ban on it. Baba Ramdev was replying to all objections and the ban.

 Is it is a crime to work on Ayurvedic cures, in India ?

Baba Ramdev further stated, “Patanjali took the medicine off the market and removed the claim that it cures Corona. It was also alleged that ‘Patanjali did not carry out any research’. These are the allegations. A situation devised as if it is a crime to work on Ayurvedic cures in India. People are jealous of the success of our Ayurvedic medicines. All over the country, criminal cases were filed against us. Are we the terrorists and the traitors ? We have followed all rules and regulations from registering the medicine to testing it. We did not bypass the norms and rules. We released this medicine as a safeguard against Corona. This boosts the immunity. Now, the Ayush Ministry has also approved it.