A split among the Communist Party of Nepal is imminent on issues such as border disputes with India and amendments to the Citizenship Act

Executive President of the party Prachanda demands the resignation of the Prime Minister K.P Oli

 Now, Nepali Hindus should also unite and remove pro-China Communist party Government and India should also back this movement.

Kathmandu (Nepal) – The Citizenship amendments act and border issues with India resulted in protests and resistance to the anti-India Prime Minister K.P. Oli within the Communist Party of Nepal. Executive President and Ex-Prime Minister, P. K. Dahal Prachanda, criticised the Prime Minister and demanded his resignation. If the Prime Minister refuses to step down, he has warned of a major split in the party. Mr. Prachanda enjoys the huge support of the party workers. Several MPs expressed discontent against the Prime Minister Oli. Nepalese people are agitated over the handling of the corona epidemic by the Government.

Mr. Prachanda stated in the ruling party standing committee meeting, “The Government failed to fulfil aspirations of Nepalese people. If the Government fails to reach its goal of socialism, the party may face defeat in the next elections. The Government and the party are in crisis”.

The Prime Minister Oli defended the Government and alleged, “The ruling party leaders are behaving like the opposition party”.