‘PM should use words carefully so as not to benefit China.’ – Dr. Manmohan Singh

The famous ‘Mauni (silent)’ Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Sing who did not utter a single word against enemies, offered a piece of free advice

China grabbed thousands of km of India’s land due to Congress’ negligence. China became arrogant due to the foreign policy of Nehru. How do Congressmen dare to question the BJP Government ?

New Delhi – Prime Minister should be careful while speaking about the defence of India. The choice of words affects foreign policy and territorial interests. His speeches should not benefit Chinese for conducting negotiations with us. Former Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh expressed his thoughts. While addressing the all parties’ meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “No one intruded at the borders of East Ladakh and captured military camps.” Dr. Manmohan Singh reacted to this statement.

Dr. Manmohan Singh stated, “The Government must utilise all options to settle the border disputes. However, it should also not attempt to escalate the problem. The sacrifice of the martyrs in this battle must not be in vain. Future generations will judge us by the decisions and actions today. (By these standards, Dr. Manmohan Singh will be identified as ‘inactive’ Prime Minister. – Editor) The leaders have a responsibility to fulfil their obligations. In democratic countries, this responsibility is on the shoulders of the Prime Minister.

Dr. Manmohan Singh slammed China, “India will not heed to your threats. We will not compromise with territorial sovereignty”.