Ram Mandir construction temporarily halted due to the India – China conflict

  •  A photo showing Bhagawan Shriram killing Chinese dragon became popular in Taiwan and circulated worldwide. The irony is the construction of the Bhagawan Shriram Mandir stopped in India, the land of Bhagawan Shriram.
  •  What is more appropriate, fight with China and end the conflict or stop the construction of Ram Mandir?

Ayodhya (Uttar Pradesh) – Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra announced a temporary halt to the construction of Ram Mandir on the backdrop of India-China conflict. Member of the Trust, Mr. Anil Mishra said, “Situation on India-China border is serious. The security of the nation is of prime importance. The Trust will review the situation in the country and decide to restart the construction”.