Al-Qaeda conspires ‘lone wolf’ attacks against devout Hindus

  • Realise that ‘terrorists have no religion’ and they target Hindus
  • The security forces should foil the conspiracy of Al-Qaeda and take action so that it will never dare to commit such acts.

New Delhi – The intelligence inputs have revealed that the Al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) has flushed in a sea of online content to instigate and influence people to launch “lone wolf” attacks against the Indian Government.

The AQIS has recruited a huge team of Islamic scholars and clerics based out of Bangladesh to create content for broadcasting using similarly-named profiles on websites and digital platforms, intelligence inputs have claimed. The terrorist organisation has released a huge cache of provocative content online to launch propaganda attacks against India, its security agencies, Hindutva leaders, businesses and a “certain category of persons”.

The Bangladesh unit of AQIS has also uploaded a series of videos on a website, intelligence inputs shared with security agencies stated. These videos contain detailed strategy to plan and execute ‘lone wolf’ attacks in the broader idea of ‘global jihad’.