Construction of earthen dam on Sutlej river begins under the leadership of Saints in Kapurthala

  • 100 villages will be saved from floods because of the dam
  • No assistance from the Govt in the construction

The Congress Government which does not take immediate measures on the sufferings of the people is no good ? Therefore, Saints have to take lead, this is shameful for the Congress Government !

Kapurthala (Punjab) – A 12 – foot high and 35 – foot wide earthen dam is being constructed on the Sutlej river under the leadership of environmentalist Padma Shree H.H. Balbir Seechewal. This work started in January with the participation of the people. For this, Rs. 2 lakh is being spent daily, and this expense is done from the donations. Donations are also being made by the Indians living abroad. The Government is not providing any assistance to this work.

In the year 1912, a railway bridge was built on the river in the Giddanpindi village. Due to a large amount of garbage and soil collected near the pillar of this bridge, the river water stops during the rain and the water enters the village. As a result, there were floods in 100 villages last year. The crops of the farmers are also damaged as a result. Therefore, the villagers have started construction of the dam under the leadership of H.H. Balbir Seechewal.

The garbage and soil accumulated near the pillar of the bridge are used for the construction of the dam. Tractor trolly, JCB machines, cranes, etc are used for the same. This work is being carried out by following the rules of lockdown.

Government apathy !

The Sewage Department of Punjab Government had planned a scheme worth Rs. 17 crores for the removal of garbage and soil accumulated underneath the bridge; however, it  remains on paper.