We must fight the battle against Corona more vigorously !- Prime Minister Narendra Modi

New Delhi – India’s population is many times of that of other countries. However, Corona did not spread as rapidly. Corona death rate is comparatively smaller in India. While we mourn their loss, it was the collective resolve of the nation that enabled us to save lives. Prime Minister Narendra Modi made this statement during ‘Man Ki Baat’, a radio dialogue with citizens. He said, “Using precautions, we have opened air travel and industries which will boost the economy. We have to exercise more caution in such a situation.

No words can express the suffering of migrant labourers. !

‘No class was spared in this crisis. Poor people, workers, and labourers experienced the maximum impact of Corona epidemic. No words can convey their pain, grief, and difficulties. We have also understood the hardships and pain of the people of Eastern India and it is imperative to develop it.’

India’s spirit of service controlled the Corona !

Prime Minister Modi further said, “Indians continue to lead the fight against Corona. This is a long battle and the national spirit of service has contained Corona. The national spirit of service is our real strength”.