ISKCON files complaint against comedian Surleen Kaur for contempt of ISKCON, Hindu Dharma and Sages & Ascetics

Shemaroo tenders apology

Only Hindus who insult Hindu Dharma are the real enemies of Hindu Dharma. Therefore, Hindus should decide whether to view programmes of such people.

O’ Hindus, create such awe that nobody will dare to look at your seats of faith with distorted views.

O’ Hindus, do not stop at just lodging a complaint with the Police, but follow-up until the culprits are severely punished. 

Mumbai – ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) has lodged a complaint against actress and stand-up comic Surleen Kaur and entertainment company Shemaroo for making objectionable statements insulting the organisation ISKCON, Sages and Ascetics and Hindu Dharma. The organisation has sent a complaint to the Mumbai Police against a stand-up show hosted by Kaur, which was published by Shemaroo in various online platforms. The said show was later withdrawn from the social media after complaints against it were received by ‘Shemaroo’, which has also tendered apology.

In the complaint released by ISKCON Vice-president and Spokesperson Radharaman Das, they have said that the video published by the company on different social media sites, YouTube channel, on the website etc. is highly defamatory towards ISKCON society as well as towards the followers of Hinduism. They have added that the language used by Kaur has caused great pain to the followers of Sanatan Dharma, Hindus and ISKCON worldwide devotees. Kaur says, ‘We are definitely ‘ISKCON’ people but inside all are ‘Porn’ people. The Sages and Ascetics have hidden many scams by using Sanskrut language such as ‘Kamasutra’.